Kang Daniel drops music video teaser for ‘Paranoia’

The track and its music video will come out on February 16

South Korean singer Kang Daniel has offered a sneak peek for the music video of his comeback single, ‘Paranoia’.

The brief 12-second teaser shows Kang playing a character dealing with bouts of fear and anxiety, seemingly depicting the story that the upcoming track could convey. It also hints at action-packed scenes and sleek dance sequences.

Check out the teaser here.


Earlier this year, he welcomed 2021 with a collaboration called ‘State of Wonder’ with international artists Inverness and Anthony Russo.

Kang was also recently offered the leading role in the upcoming Korean Disney+ original series, Our Police Class. His agency, KONNECT Entertainment, has confirmed that Kang is currently reviewing the said offer and is positively considering it.

After his stint in his former group Wanna One, the 24-year-old debuted as a solo artist in July 2019 and released his first EP, ‘Color On Me’. The ‘color trilogy’ project continued with the second EP ‘Cyan’ in March 2020, followed by the ‘Magenta’ in August of the same year.

Later that year, his agency opened pre-orders for Kang’s first art book called ‘Never Standing Still—It’s Time to Shine’. Kang collaborated with Paul McCartney’s personal photographer, MJ Kim, for this venture.