Anna Wintour apologises for calling Kanye West’s fashion line ‘migrant chic’

'Vogue' editor was 'in tears' after getting trapped in basement at Kanye's fashion show

Vogue editor Anna Wintour has apologised for using the term “migrant chic” to describe Kanye West‘s recent fashion line.

The fashion mogul recently used the phrase when she described how she got lost when trying to leave West’s launch event for his Yeezy Season 3 clothing line earlier this year. She was speaking on US TV’s Late Night with Seth Meyers earlier this week (April 13).

Speaking on the show, Wintour said: “‘The Life of Pablo’ concert started and the migrant chic fashion show started and they were both wonderful”.


Recieving criticism for her comments, The Guardian reports that Wintour has now addressed the issue, saying: “I apologise if my remark was offensive in any way. The migrant crisis is real, and I didn’t intend to trivialise that issue.”

The rapper launched his latest fashion collaboration with Adidas in February, hosting an event at Madison Square Garden in New York, where he also premiered an early version of his new album ‘The Life Of Pablo’.

Wintour was one of many celebrities to attend the event and told the story of her eventful night: “After about 45 minutes, I noticed that Jay-Z had slid away so I thought maybe I could sneak out without nobody noticing but I slid into the basement of Madison Square Garden and I was lost there for half an hour asking various people to let me out,” Wintour revealed.

“I was really in tears and then this little security guard came up to me and said ‘Did your son play baseball for collegiate Collegiate [School in New York]?’ And I said ‘Yes’. He said, ‘Oh, I was his coach, can I help you?’ And I said, ‘Yes, please take me out of here’.”

Wintour and West have enjoying a good relationship in recent times, with pictures of the rapper’s wedding to Kim Kardashian published in Vogue in 2014.