Kanye West says Justin Bieber released his favourite song of 2015

Rapper praised Bieber's hit 'What Do You Mean?' on Twitter last night (March 13)

Kanye West has revealed that ‘What Do You Mean?’ by Justin Bieber was his favourite song of last year.

The rapper endorsed the pop singer’s hit on Twitter last night (March 13) but did not elaborate any further on why he likes it. ‘What Do You Mean?’ was the first in a trio of Number Ones Bieber scored in 2015, followed by ‘Sorry’ and ‘Love Yourself’.



In subsequent tweets, West told fans: “I have discovered my single greatest quality. I care.” He then listed five things he cares about – “people”, “our future”, “quality”, “truth” and “us”.

“I think human beings can create a Utopia,” the rapper added – see below.



On Saturday (March 12) West told fans he is planning to release three albums in 2016. “No more fashion calendar… I’m going Mad Max… 6 collections a year…3 albums a year,” he tweeted.

Despite seemingly having two more albums to be working on, West recently hinted that he is still finishing work on the already-available ‘Life Of Pablo’. He took the album off-sale a day after its release to continue work on it and has since hinted that it may never be released commercially, further proclaiming that CDs are dead.

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