Kanye West: ‘Will Ferrell has reached walking living breathing god status!’

Kanye expresses his love for the comedy actor after watching 'Zoolander 2'

Kanye West has dubbed actor Will Ferrel a “walking living breathing god”.

Yesterday (February 27) after watching ‘Zoolander 2’ for the second time, West couldn’t contain his excitement and declared Ferrel’s existence a “blessing”.

“It is so inspiring. Thank you for existing!” the rapper wrote, as well as thanking Ferrell for “the years of joy” the actor has brought into West’s life through his comedy.


“Perhaps it was seeing him play the same character from 15 years ago with 15 more years experience,” West went on to say, “that showed how sharp and Bruce Lee status he is.”





West released his seventh studio album, ‘The Life of Pablo’, on Valentine’s Day this year, however it has only been released on Tidal and hasn’t received an official chart position, as the streaming service doesn’t want to release figures.


Yesterday West tweeted that his next album will be called ‘Turbo Grafx 16’ in homage to his favourite games console when he was a kid.

Ye originally announced the news of his next album in the middle of a long Twitter rant about the Grammys earlier this week (February 24).