Kanye West rapped ‘Yeezus’ for Dwight Howard in a maternity ward

"He really got into character" says Howard in interview

NBA Basketball player Dwight Howard has spoken of the time Kanye West performed an impromptu performance of ‘Yeezus’ for him in a maternity ward.

According to reports from the time, At this point, the Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard and West were in the same maternity ward as both their children were born.

According to The Players Tribune, Dwight has recalled the incident:


“My son and his daughter were in the same hospital when they were born,” Howard said “He was down the hall from me, he was trying to figure out who bought the big room. ‘Yo man, you bought the big room?’ I was like, ‘My bad man, I didn’t know you were in here.’ He started playing one of his albums and he really got into character. He’s rapping, and I feel like I was at a concert. This is at the maternity ward!” You can watch Howard talking to Ben Lyon about the time below:

Recent reports (February 25) have suggested that Kanye West is to shortly announce a tour in support of his new album ‘The Life of Pablo’.

West played Madison Square Garden in New York to around 20,000 fans ahead of the launch of the new album, offering a preview of much of the album’s content on February 11.

Sources close to West have told Billboard that the rapper is set to announce a full tour in support of the seventh album some time within a month. There is no indication where the tour might head just yet.

West has been particularly vociferous on social media around the release of his new album, including revealing today (February 25) that a follow-up release may come as early as this summer.


He also slammed the Grammy Awards in a series of tweets, criticising the awards ceremony for “being way off” and “completely out of touch”.

He continued to diss the event before randomly announcing that he has a new album coming this summer.

The rapper then posted a series of bizarre outspoken tweets, with one declaring: “The world needs a guy like me. The world needs somebody to not be scared and tell his truth. You won’t always agree with me but I’m gon always be me. I’m woke!”