Air from Kanye West concert receives eBay bids of over £39,000 on eBay

The tightly fastened bag of air had a starting price of $5 (£3)

A number of eBay users are selling air supposedly taken from Kanye West gigs during his ‘Yeezus’ tour.

eBay user Stangeedon1, as highlighted by The Telegraph, received bids of over $60,100 (£39,725) for a bag of the air they claim was captured at a 2013 gig by the US rapper. The tightly fastened bag of air had a starting price of $5 (£3).

The success of that user has inspired a raft of others to start selling similar items with one titled “Kanye West Yeezus Tour FRONT ROW AIR!!! currently going for over $300 with over six days left to bid on it. The seller of this particular item claims there is added value to their product as it “could contain Kanye’s breath!”

As yet there is no air from the rapper’s recent gig at KoKo in London for sale. West performed an impromptu gig at the Camden venue on Tuesday night (March 3).

Having spoken to students at Oxford University on Monday he then enlisted the help grime MCs including Stormzy, Novelist and Skepta at the gig, which was announced just hours before it began.

The rapper also enlisted the of the help grime MCs for his performance of new single ‘All Day’ at last week’s Brit Awards (February 25). It has since been reported that West and Skepta will collaborate.

This news came a day after the release of the studio version of ‘All Day’ which will lead up to West’s new album ‘So Help Me God’.