Martin Shkreli offers Kanye West $10m for new album ‘The Life Of Pablo’

Shkreli previously paid $2m for a Wu-Tang Clan album

Martin Shkreli, the controversial pharmaceurical CEO, has offered Kanye West $10m (£6.9m) to take his new album ‘The Life Of Pablo’ off the market.

West launched his new album at an extravagant event in New York last night, however the album is still unavailable commercially with no firm plan as to when fans will be able to stream and download the record.

That wait could go on for longer than anticipated if Shkreli has his way. The >man who paid $2m (£1.4m) for Wu Tang Clan’s ‘Once Upon A Time In Shaolin’ album, and subsequently got into a war of words with RZA and Ghostface Killah, has offered West an eight-figure sum to buy ‘The Life Of Pablo’ outright.


Shkreli, who claims that West’s album ‘The College Dropout’ inspired him to be a success at a young age, outlined his plan in a series of tweets posted after West’s Madison Square Garden event ended last night.


West launched his new album with a listening party and fashion show at New York’s Madison Square Garden last night (February 11). The arena event marked the launch of West’s Yeezy Season 3 range with Adidas and the première of his new album.

Shkreli made headlines and angered many in 2015 after buying the rights to life-saving drug Daraprim and significantly increasing the cost for users. The drug is primarily used by those diagnosed with AIDS.

Kanye West shares lyrics and inspiration for new song ‘Father Stretch My Hands’

Earlier this week, West announced that his new album’s current title bears the initials ‘TLOP’, revealing that the letters stand for ‘The Life Of Pablo’.

West’s seventh LP previously went by the names ‘Waves’, ‘Swish’ and ‘So Help Me God’. Initially announced as ‘So Help Me God’ in March 2015, West then changed his album’s title to ‘Swish’ a few months later in May 2015. Just a couple of weeks prior to the album’s official release though, West changed the name again to ‘Waves’. West took to Twitter to confirm the album’s current title as ‘The Life Of Pablo’.

See the picture below for the album’s full tracklisting.

Kanye West made headlines in the run up to the launch event by by proclaiming Bill Cosby’s innocence on social media.

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