Kanye West reveals unauthorised ‘Rolling Stone’ cover shot by Tyler, The Creator

Rolling Stone clarify that it is 'not the actual cover'

Kanye West has shared what appears to be an unauthorised cover of Rolling Stone featuring a photo shot by Tyler, The Creator and the caption “Do he like mustard?”

West is gearing up to release his seventh album, currently titled ‘Waves’. On Wednesday (February 3), he tweeted what seemed to be an upcoming cover of Rolling Stone, but the magazine soon clarified that it was “not [the] actual cover”.

As confusion ensued, West added “I bet you this still becomes the cover though”, before he started a Twitter poll asking fans whether the cover should be used. 54% of people have voted ‘yes’ so far, correct at the time of publishing.

NMEStuart Leech/NME

West has also taken offence at publications such as Billboard labelling the cover as “fake”. “You could use the term ‘unauthorised’ but never refer to anything that me and Tyler do as fake out of respect to musicians,” he tweeted.

Tyler himself later commented on the saga, saying that it was the first time he’s seen people “stoked” about a Rolling Stone cover, adding: “No worries, I’ll shoot a cover one day”.

See the cover in question and subsequent tweets below.


West will release the album currently known as ‘Waves’ (although its title could be subject to change) on February 11 and will perform the album in full at New York’s Madison Square Gardens that same night. The show will be live-streamed at cinemas around the world, with UK cinema chain Vue amongst those signed up to show the gig live.

The rapper has also elaborated on comments he previously made about his upcoming new album, having suggested that the record was the greatest ever made.

Last month, the rapper tweeted of ‘Waves’: “This is not album of the year. This is album of the life.” However, West has now backtracked on his remarks, stating that the album is not the greatest of all-time, but just one of them.