Wiz Khalifa offers Kanye West update: ‘We spoke on the phone. It’s all good’

Rapper explains how they settled Twitter feud

Wiz Khalifa has revealed more about his recent reconciliation with Kanye West.

West recently slammed Khalifa on Twitter after mistakenly thinking that the Pittsburgh rapper had made a disparaging remark about Kim Kardashian.

After their well publicised clash, West tweeted on Tuesday (February 2) that he had since resolved his issues with Khalifa, writing: “Me and Wiz spoke yesterday. Great convo. All positive.”


Khalifa himself has now broken his silence on that conversation, telling New York based radio station Hot 97 that things are “all good” between himself and Kanye, adding that West’s wife Kim Kardashian and his ex-Amber Rose also spoke on the phone.

He stated: “We spoke on the phone. Kim and Amber spoke on the phone. It’s all good. I don’t think that that’s anything that wouldn’t happen between anybody else.

“That could’ve happened between any person, but the way that we settled it, and the way that we bounced back. That’s all that matters.”

Wiz concluded: “It’s the universe. The universe puts a lot of things. It could’ve went down many different ways. Individually we all have control. When you put certain elements together, you can make something that people see as impossible.”

As well as Kanye and Wiz burying the hatchet, Kardashian and Rose also posed for a photo together, with the pair sharing the selfie on social media yesterday.

Tea anyone?

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