Kanye West makes surprise American Idol audition – watch a preview

'My name's Kanye, I'm from the south side of Chicago'

Kanye West has made a surprise appearance as a ‘contestant’ on American Idol, his wife Kim Kardashian has revealed.

Kardashian posted a video previewing West’s ‘audition’ for the show, with the full footage expected to be shown on the show sometime in January.

In the video, West introduces himself as a contestant, saying “My name is Kanye, I’m from the south side of Chicago. I’m originally a producer. I always wanted to rap and no one really believed in me, so I wanted to try some things out, ya know?”

While the actual performance is yet to be unveiled, Kanye is thought to have performed an unaccompanied version of ‘Gold Digger’. It’s all not known whether West was ‘successful’ in his audition.

Watch the video via Kim Kardashian’s Twitter account, below:

Earlier this week, West fuelled anticipation for his new album SWISH, in asking via Twitter that nobody asks him for anything until it’s finished.

The rapper announced that he’s finishing his album and his next clothing collection.

He followed it with a caps-happy tweet stating “no offense to anyone… I’m asking everyone DON’T ASK ME FOR ANYTHING TILL AFTER I’M FINISHED WITH MY ALBUM”.

Kardashian and West’s second child Saint West arrived on December 5, with the child’s name prompting the rapper of the same name to retire.

The Canadian rapper said: “Hi, I’m Lindon, also known as Saint West. I’d like to announce my official retirement from hip-hop,” in the clip posted to TMZ.

He adds: “Congratulations Kanye and Kim, thank you for choosing such a beautiful name. Saint West, may God smile on you. I’ll always be cheering for you. And try to avoid becoming a rapper.”