Rapper Saint West retires after Kanye and Kim call their child the same name

Canadian rapper Lindon McIntyre urges couple's newborn not to pursue career in hip-hop

A Canadian rapper by the name of Saint West has announced his retirement from music after Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian recently announced that their new-born baby boy will be known by the same name.

West and Kardashian announced the arrival of their second child on December 5, later confirming that he will be known as Saint West.

Now a rapper called Saint West (real name Lindon McIntyre, from Vancouver) has posted a video message online in which he declares his retirement.

“Hi, I’m Lindon, also known as Saint West. I’d like to announce my official retirement from hip-hop,” he says in the clip posted to TMZ.

He adds: “Congratulations Kanye and Kim, thank you for choosing such a beautiful name. Saint West, may God smile on you. I’ll always be cheering for you. And try to avoid becoming a rapper.”

Watch the clip below and see footage of Saint West rapping.

West and Kardashian’s first child, daughter North West, was born in 2013.

Speaking about possible names for their second baby, Kardashian previously said: “I don’t like South West… North will always, you know, be better and be more… she has a better direction”.