Kanye West claims mother would ‘still be alive if I had never moved to Los Angeles’

The rapper discusses his mother's passing in a new interview

Kanye West has spoken about the guilt he feels over the death of his mother.

Donda West passed away at the age of 58 in November 2007, due to complications following liposuction and breast reduction surgery.

Speaking in this month’s Q Magazine, the rapper was asked what he has sacrificed for success, to which West answered: “My mom”.


He elaborated: “If I had never moved to LA she’d be alive… I don’t want to go far into it because it will bring me to tears.”

West named his creative agency business DONDA after his late mother. He also dedicated the song ‘Hey Mama’ from 2005’s ‘Late Registration’ to her, singing in the track: “Hey Mama, I wanna scream so loud for you, cause I’m so proud of you. I appreciate what you allowed for me, I just want you to be proud of me”.

Elsewhere in the Q interview, West hit out at celebrities who “only use their voice for money”.

He said: “I just think there’s a lot of celebrities that are completely controlled by their finances. You could literally tap them on the wrist and say they lost five dollars and they’ll fall to the floor and beg for at least four of the dollars back.

“So when people expect a celebrity to do or say anything you’re talking to the wrong group of people. They won’t use their voice for the people. They’ll only use their voice for money.”

West continued: “Print it as loud, as fucking loud, as you want to. Print it. And I don’t care what parties I don’t get invited to afterwards. 90% of celebrities only use their voice for the purpose of making money for themselves.


“I’ll address [politics] however it needs to be addressed, because the world is broken. Somebody’s got to be crazy enough to put themselves and their wellbeing on the line for truth. Somebody’s gotta do it.”

Kanye West performing live at Glastonbury Festival 2015

Meanwhile, Lily Allen has revealed that she burned an anti-Kanye flag at Glastonbury Festival. West performed at the festival on Saturday (June 27).

The singer, who was in attendance at Worthy Farm but didn’t perform, uploaded a series of videos to Instagram showing her stealing and burning a fellow festival-goer’s flag that read “Fuck off Kanye” until it read simply “Kanye”.

The rapper’s booking at the festival was a controversial one, with thousands signing a petition to have West dropped from the line-up.

Allen, whose most recent album was titled ‘Sheezus’ in reference to the hip-hop star, claims to have been “keeping the #peezus” with her actions. See the videos here.