Pan Am Games ‘couldn’t be more thrilled’ with Kanye West set despite rapper ‘storming off stage’

50,000 people had signed a petition to prevent West from performing at the event

Representatives of the Pan Am Games have denied media reports that Kanye West “stormed off stage” due to technical difficulties at their closing ceremony.

The rapper performed at the Pan Am Games closing ceremony in Toronto on Sunday night (July 26), reportedly ending his set abruptly.

However, now a statement from Pan Am claims than West wasn’t “anything less than professional”.

West’s appearance lasted 13 minutes in total, with a medley set consisting of ‘Stronger’, ‘Power’, ‘Black Skinhead’, ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’, ‘Touch The Sky’, ‘The Good Life’ and ‘All Of The Lights’.

It was reported that the rapper was planning on ending the set with ‘Gold Digger’ but technical difficulties caused him to cut his set short. West threw his microphone up in the air, with it smashing on the floor, before exiting the stage.

However, now Pan Am have stated that “while there was technical difficulty”, West “rolled with it the way great artists do”.

“As this was a live broadcast, Kanye West was always scheduled to perform for 13 minutes,” the statement reads.

“He fulfilled this commitment in great style and while there was technical difficulty at the end due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, he rolled with it the way great artists do.”

“To imply that he abruptly cut short his performance or that he was anything less than professional is incorrect. We could not have been more thrilled.”

The rapper’s scheduled performance at the sports event had previously proved to be a controversial one, with over 50,000 people signing an online petition calling for West to be dropped from the bill.

Watch footage of West ending the set below.