Lee Nelson says Argos microphone helped him pull off Kanye West Glastonbury stage invasion

Prankster also reveals how he was turned away from his own gig at festival

The man who invaded the stage at Kanye West‘s Glastonbury headline set last month has spoken further about how he gatecrashed the rapper’s performance.

The stage invader was Simon Brodkin, best known for his character Lee Nelson, whose Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show was broadcast by BBC between 2010-2011.

Brodkin ran onstage in a “Lee-zus” T-shirt and carrying a mic during ‘Black Skinhead’, the fourth song of West’s set. Though he was quickly apprehended by a security guard, Brodkin’s actions disrupted the rapper’s debut headline show, and he was forced to restart the track.

He has now revealed that he was initially turned away before he managed to get onstage with an Argos microphone.


Nelson told the Daily Telegraph: “I got turned away a couple of times from the stage. It’s never easy. There’s a sort of golden zone where you are just not meant to be. The security ups a level.

“One time I just got ushered away by this woman who thought I was in the wrong place. But I kept at it. I went downstairs and suddenly I was in the hospitality area – Pharrell [Williams] was there, but there wasn’t time to chat.

He added: “I went in to the toilets, psyched myself up, got my game face on and went for it. A guy said, ‘Where’s your ID?’ I said, ‘I’m meant to be on stage, mate.’ He went, ‘Oh, sorry.’

“I went up and there was the same woman who’d ushered me away moments earlier, but because I’d got through to this point and I was bouncing and had the mic she let me go on.”

The comedian also revealed that he was later refused entry into his own performance in the cabaret tent where he was scheduled to perform a stand-up set.

“I didn’t have the laminate,” he said. “They made me get the management to get into my own gig.”

Earlier this week, Nelson was arrested for showering ex-Fifa president Sepp Blatter with bank notes.