Corey Taylor: ‘Kanye West doesn’t compare to Paul McCartney, David Bowie or Keith Richards’

Slipknot frontman adds to his recent criticism of the rapper's claim to be the 'greatest living rockstar'

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has added to his recent criticism of Kanye West.

The metal singer recently hit out at West after the rapper claimed to be the “greatest living rockstar on the planet”. West made the comments at last month’s Glastonbury Festival.

Speaking last week, Taylor denied in a video interview with West is the biggest rockstar on the planet, adding: “You remind me of the guy bragging about pussy, who doesn’t get as much as they brag about. Stop it!”


Now, Taylor has told Billboard of the reaction to his comments: “People are ripping me to shreds. It’s so funny, man. It was like one little comment and now everybody’s talking about it and it’s just getting funnier and funnier. The first day everybody was going, ‘Well, y’know, (West) has more Grammys than Slipknot has albums. I’m like, ‘Yeah, you just made my point for me. Getting a Grammy is like getting a Teen Choice Award. Figure it out.'”


He added: “Then the big thing online is these weird little armchair academics who are like, ‘Well, if you really break it down, sorry Corey, but Kanye really is the greatest living rock star.’ And I’m like, ‘You an stop right there because you just destroyed your credibility. If you’re gonna tell me (that) with Keith Richards still alive, with David Bowie still alive, with Paul McCartney still alive that there’s even a comparison to Kanye West, then you just need to shut up and never try to say anything smart ever again”.

Watch Corey Taylor’s initial comments about Kanye West in the video below.

Meanwhile, actor Jack Black recently defended Kanye West. Appearing on US TV’s Conan O’Brien Show, the Tenacious D musician said: “It makes me mad that everyone is really mean to Kanye West”.

He added: “I’m sick of it. It’s become the popular thing to pile on Kanye. ‘Everyone can agree that Kanye is an asshole, ha ha ha’. I don’t agree. Well, I do agree that he is an asshole but I don’t agree that he’s not talented.”


“People put those [two things] together and they are wrong. He actually is really talented, ‘Yeezus’ is like the best album out there.”

“It’s the narcissism that ruins [him] for people,” Black continued. “They’re like ‘F you, if you say you’re the best then I’m going to hate your art’.”

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