Kanye West on Beck: ‘I was wrong to say a man who plays 14 instruments doesn’t respect artistry’

The rapper previously urged Beck to give his Grammy Award to Beyoncé

Kanye West has opened up about an incident that occurred at the Grammy Awards earlier this year, when he pretended to interrupt Beck‘s acceptance speech.

Beck took home the prize for Best Album at the event in February, with West following the musician on stage in reference to his infamous interruption of Taylor Swift’s speech at the 2009 MTV VMAs. West didn’t continue to interrupt Beck’s speech, instead deciding to turn back and return to his seat, but later claimed that the award should have gone to fellow nominee Beyoncé and that Beck should “respect artistry” and hand the award over to her.

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Now, in an interview with the Sunday Times, the rapper has retracted his comments. “I don’t make suggestions, I make propositions. I don’t give requests, I give directives. There’s no in-between,” he said.

“I’m fine to apologise for inaccuracies. You know, I send flowers for inaccuracies. I talked to Beck’s wife, and I think I had a point about Beyoncé’s album, but I think I was inaccurate with the concept of a gentleman who plays 14 instruments not respecting artistry.”

West continued: “Isn’t it amazing that people are so constantly shocked by the commonly agreed-in truth? How much bullshit are we in if, every single time I give not just my opinion, but a vast 80%, 90% opinion, I get into that much trouble? When the truth is a mass opinion. That’s not about accuracy, it’s the definition of truth.”

“In this fight, in this struggle for beauty, in this struggle for awesomeness, in this struggle for fair play, in a manipulative field, there might be a couple of inaccuracies on my part. But far fewer than the inaccuracies of the current systems.”

In the same interview, Kanye West also compared himself to Leonardo Da Vinci and a chair. He said: “Imagine if Da Vinci or Michelangelo or Galileo were asked not to think of anything except for the one thing they first became famous for. So da Vinci could only have one idea.

“For all haters, I’m not saying I’m Da Vinci, but I feel it’s right for any human being to compare themselves to anything. I could compare myself to this chair, I’m saying, ‘I’ve got all this on my back, so I’m a chair.’ People get really uptight about my comparisons, but I’m an extreme speaker, and I speak through comparisons”.

The US rapper will headline the Saturday leg (June 27) of the Worthy Farm event, with organiser Emily Eavis recently describing West’s plans as “big” and “exciting”.

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