Kanye West distances himself from British artist’s semi-nude portrait of Kim Kardashian

Rapper reportedly refutes story about street artist Bambi being commissioned to create 'Perfect Bitch' piece

Kanye West has reportedly distanced himself from a British artist who has claimed that he was commissioned to a create a painting of Kim Kardashian in a g-string and high heels as a wedding gift to the couple.

As reported, the painting – which is titled ‘My Queen Kim – Perfect Bitch’ – was crafted by street artist Bambi, who claims he received a five-figure sum from the famous couple prior to their wedding last month (May). Click here to view the painting.

However, sources close to TMZ report that neither West nor Kardashian know anything about Bambi or his work and that not only was the painting not ordered, it is not wanted either. Bambi’s manager maintains that the sources are wrong, and that Kardashian will receive the artwork shortly.

Kanye is reported to have called the Kardashian family “the most remarkable people of our time” after marrying Kim in Florence on May 24.

During his 20-minute wedding speech, West called his bride “ideal art” and “the ideal celebrity”, according to E! News. He added that the Kardashian family are “an industry”.

The couple, whose daughter North was born in June 2013, went on honeymoon at a private estate in Munster in the Republic of Ireland and returned to the US at the end of May.