Kanye West ‘settles case with assault victim for $250,000’

The rapper has reportedly reached a civil settlement deal

Kanye West has reportedly settled out of court with a teenager he was accused of attacking in Los Angeles earlier this month.

The rapper is alleged to have attacked an 18-year-old man in Los Angeles, after the teen reportedly said to West’s partner Kim Kardashian “Fuck you, bitch” and then called her a “n***er lover”.

The alleged incident happened in a chiropractor’s office in Beverly Hills after the teenager held open a door for Kardashian and then reportedly used racial slurs in front of the swarm of photographers following the socialite. West left the scene before the police arrived and was being investigated by the Beverly Hills Police Department.

According to TMZ, West is understood to have settled the case with the teenager at a cost of £150,000 ($250,000) in a civil settlement. As a result, the teenager will drop his charges against the rapper. However, police have not decided whether to charge West with battery.