Kanye West investigated for assault after man insults Kim Kardashian

The rapper allegedly punched an 18-year-old man in a Los Angeles clinic

Kanye West is being investigated by police for misdemeanour assault after an incident which took place yesterday (January 13).

The rapper allegedly attacked an 18-year-old man in Los Angeles, after the teen allegedly said to West’s partner Kim Kardashian “Fuck you, bitch” and then called her a “n***er lover”, writes the Hollywood Reporter.

The incident happened in a chiropractor’s office in Beverly Hills after the teenager held open a door for Kardashian and then used racial slurs towards the swarm of photographers following the socialite. When Kardashian asked him not to use racially offensive language he allegedly turned on her, leading Kardashian to call West on her phone. West drove to the chiropractor’s, then ran into the room and allegedly punched the man, states TMZ. The singer left the scene before the police arrived and is now being investigated by the Beverly Hills Police Department.

Meanwhile, West is due in court next week on a charge of misdemeanor battery as well as attempted grand theft after the rapper and a photographer fought at LAX airport in September 2013.