Kanye West appears on ‘South Park’ as “a recovering gay fish”

The rapper first appeared on the show in 2009

Kanye West has appeared in the new episode of South Park – watch it above.

The rapper first appeared on the show back in 2009 in its ‘Fishsticks’ episode, which mocked him for his perceived lack of a sense of humour when he didn’t get a juvenile joke about how liking fishsticks made him a gay fish.

The new episode continues the theme of the first episode. In it, West gives a lecture to a class on how he’s not Aquaman, he is a “recovering gay fish” – which makes reference to the running joke of the ‘Fishsticks’ episode – and how his real-life partner Kim Kardashian is not a “Hobbit”.


Following the 2009 episode, West wrote on his blog that he was “hurt” by the episode, but thanked the makers, admitting that he was working on his ego.

South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker also appear to reference West’s now infamous Zane Lowe interview and his row with Jimmy Kimmel over the parody of that interview.