Author Bret Easton Ellis says he’s working on new project with Kanye West

Author and rapper first worked together on 'Yeezus' promo film earlier this year

Author Bret Easton Ellis has opened up about his work with Kanye West and confirmed that he is writing also something new with the rapper.

The writer, who has written books including Less Than Zero and The Rules Of Attraction, teamed up with West earlier this year on a short film inspired by another of Ellis’s works, American Psycho. Speaking to MTV News about working with Kanye, Ellis revealed that the video was a “goof” and that he is working on a new project with the rapper right now.

Speaking about the ‘New Slaves’ video they made together, Ellis said: “I just got a text one day… it said, ‘It’s Kanye, do you have time to rap?’ And then suddenly my phone rang and someone said, ‘Kanye got your number and he wants you to write this promo for ‘Yeezus’.’ And so we went back and forth on it and he wanted it done, like, that day. So I wrote it very quickly and they shot it two or three days later. It’s funny. It’s really just a goof.”

Ellis later added: “Kanye and I have been meeting about writing a script for him and so that’s a project that’s kind of in the works.”

The ‘Yeezus’ clip was filmed in Brooklyn, New York with Jonathan Cheban, a friend of Kanye’s girlfriend Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend. You can watch footage of the short film by scrolling down the page and clicking ‘play’.