Kanye West: ‘People treat me like Hitler’

The Big Chill festival sees a strange ten minute rant from the hip hop star

Kanye West had a bizarre onstage outburst at this weekend’s The Big Chill Festival, during which he compared himself to Adolf Hitler.

The rapper headlined the Saturday night (August 6) of the event, during which he made a ten minute speech about how he was misunderstood as an artist. Explaining that he was half an hour late on because he was losing his voice, various sources have reported that West went on to say:

There is so much bullshit going on in the music industry right now. Someone needs to make a difference. People treat me like Hitler.

West‘s comments were booed by the crowd, as he went on to list the people in the industry who he thought had ‘wronged’ him. He also talked about losing out on the Best Video going at the MTV Europe Music Award to Justice and Simian back in 2006. At the time he said his ‘Touch The Sky’ video should have won because it “cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it. I was jumping across canyons.”

Kanye West releases his joint album with Jay-Z, ‘Watch The Throne’, today (August 8).

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