Kanye West to work on ‘The Jetsons’ film?

The rapper has 'always been a fan' of the cartoon, says movie producer…

Kanye West has met film executives to discuss working on The Jestsons live-action movie, according to reports.

MTV claims that the rapper is a huge fan of the cartoon series and has met the team working on the film for a “brainstorming” session.

Earlier this week, West posted a series of messages on his Twitter account to discuss his new design company DONDA and mentioned that he had been involved in discussions to take on the role of creative director for the new big-screen adaptation of the animated show.


Producer Denise Di Novi confirmed that the rapper’s revelations were true, stating: “We heard that we knew we were working on The Jetsons. He reached out and said he’s a huge Jetsons fan. There are a lot of Jetsons fanatics out there, especially people that are into either futuristic science or design.

She went on to add:

He was interested in creatively brainstorming what we were doing with the movie and what ideas he might have. It was a really friendly, preliminary conversation.

However, it is unclear whether the hip-hop star will take his interest in the flick any further, with Di Novi adding: “He was going to think about it more and see if he got inspired visually. He’s a very visual artist.”

Kanye West released ‘Watch The Throne’, his collaboration album with Jay-Z, in August last year. The pair were reportedly paid just under £4 million to play live at the 16th birthday party of the daughter of an Arab billionaire in Dubai last month.