Jay-Z and Kanye West recorded ‘Watch The Throne’ in hotels to avoid leaks

Producers also reveal that West refused to use phone and email during the LP's making

Jay-Z and Kanye West were so determined to avoid their collaboration ‘Watch The Throne’ leaking onto the internet that they avoided studios completely during its production and recording process.

Given the high profile of both the rappers, it was decided that there were too many risks in recording in studios and so the pair opted to record in a string of hotels, according to Billboard.com.

Anthony Kilhoeffer, an engineer who worked on ‘Watch The Throne’, said Kanye West had become incredibly security conscious after suffering from leaks during the recording of ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’. He said:

During ‘Dark Twisted’, we realized that no one’s email was secure, whether it was Gmail or .mac or iDisk. These songs are showing up on the Internet. You hear people talking in the background. It was at a crazy level.


It was also revealed that West would only allow producers to audition their contributions in person and would not allow them to email over beats or samples

88-Keys, who produced the album’s opener ‘No Church In The Wild’, said of West‘s demanding process:

He and I spoke through email, because he still doesn’t have a phone. Some of the engineers said that there were some times where he’d be in London or whatever and he was like, ‘I need to hear it. Come out here.’ Back in the day, that’s how we did everything.

‘Watch The Throne’ was released last Monday (August 8) and broke the record for the most downloads in its first week on sale, beating a record previously held by Coldplay.