Kanye West says he took ‘Stronger’ lyrics from Friedrich Nietzsche rather than fellow songwriter

Rapper denies plagiarising songwriter Vincent Peters

Kanye West has denied a legal claim that alleges he stole the lyrics to his song ‘Stronger’ from another songwriter, by claiming it was actually influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the rapper’s lawyers are contesting the claim from the plaintiff, Vincent Rogers, because both of their songs are influenced by the 19th century German philosopher’s maxim: “That which does not kill us make stronger.”

Both ‘Stronger’ and the track by Rogers, which he penned in 2006, use the dictum from Nietzsche, as well as having the same title and making reference to the supermodel Kate Moss. Peters originally sued West in 2010 after alleging that he gave a copy of his track to the hip-hop star’s manager, John Monopoly, who passed it onto West.

A federal judge dismissed the claim earlier this year, ruling that the title and references to Moss and Nietzsche didn’t constitute copyright infringement, but Rogers has now launched an appeal with the US 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

West’s lawyer, Carrie Hall, refuted his claims by insisting that if Rogers succeeded “it would create a dangerously low threshold for establishing copyright protection over otherwise commonplace words and phrases”.

In August, it was reported that Kanye West and Jay-Z could face legal action over a sample they used on their collaboration album ‘Watch The Throne’. The rappers used a sample of soul singer Syl Johnson’s ‘Different Strokes’ on their new track ‘The Joy’, but according to Johnson’s publishers, did so without his permission or any money changing hands.