Footage from Kanye West’s canned Muppets style comedy puppet show revealed

'Alligator Boots' was filmed back in 2008 but was never broadcast

Footage from Kanye West’s comedy puppet show has made its way online. You can watch it by scrolling down and clicking.

The programme, called Alligator Boots, never made it past the pilot stage. However, the show’s director, Konee Rok has complied a ten minute long video of all the pilot’s best bits and behind the scenes interviews, reports Pitchfork.

Made in conjunction with Kanye West and fellow hip hopper Rhymefest, Alligator Boots was made for Comedy Central back in 2008. Filmed at the Jim Henson Company studios in Los Angeles in 2008, the show was similar to The Muppets and every week was to mix puppets interacting with ‘celebrities’. The pilot featured Kim Kardashian.

In the footage placed online, Kardashian – dressed as Princess Leia from Star Wars – is seen being crudely serenaded by a puppet. West also featured in the pilot, mocking his own diva reputation.