Kanye West joined Twitter because interviewers were ruining his jokes

Rapper-producer says comedy was behind his decision to sign up to micro-blogging site

Kanye West has explained why he has joined Twitter recently – because journalists didn’t get his jokes.

The rapper-producer was a latecomer to the micro-blogging site, but has quickly clocked up 600,000 followers. His tweets have even been paired up with New Yorker cartoons, one of the few times the title has not stopped its original work from being altered.

Speaking to US radio station Hot 97, West said he joined Twitter because he felt journalists were not doing his jokes justice in print.

“I got to the point where I didn’t even want to do interviews anymore,” he said, “because I would have the interview and we’d be laughing, me and the reporter, and that’s funny, and then you read it and they completely just demolished all of my jokes. They just set them up wrong.”

West is currently working on a new album which is tipped to feature collaborations with Beyonce and Bon Iver. The untitled record is expected to be released in November.