Kanye West: ‘Address me as Martin Louis The King Jr’

Rapper says he wants to change his name

Habitual ‘caps on’ blogger, Kanye West has taken to video blogging, saying today that he wants to be addressed as ‘Martin Louis The King Jr’.

Speaking from a hotel room in Paris, West says that the new name came to him when he saw the shoes he designed for Louis Vuitton hit the runway last week:

“Who do you know with two thumbs and their own Louis shoe? This guy,” West says pointing to himself.


“Due to the transactions earlier this week I have some very grim news. I’ve been called a lot of names, mostly the ’Louis Vuitton Don’, and due to what has happened so severely, when the red shoes hit the runway, I was forced to change my name to ‘Martin Louis The King Jr’. Address me as such.”

West last week lashed out at internet hackers who had suggested he would take part in bisexual porn.

He was reacting after he found out that his email account had been hacked and a false Twitter account in his name inflamed a feud between him and US TV host Steven Colbert.

–By our New York staff.

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