Kanye West: ‘I won’t do bisexual porn’

Rapper lashes out at internet hackers

Kanye West has lashed out at internet hackers who had suggested he would take part in bisexual porn.

The rapper was reacting after he found out that his email account had been hacked and a false Twitter account in his name inflamed a feud between him and US TV host Steven Colbert.

He called for any potential hackers to “give me a break”.


Writing on his blog at Kanyeuniversecity.com, he wrote, “Why won’t you let me be great? I read some shit claiming I said I’m down to do porn and some bisexual porn!

“First people believed the Twitter/Steven Colbert thing. Now somebody has been hacking into my MySpace and somebody’s actually hacked into my personal Gmail account and has been e-mailing people from it. Hey world, I no longer have Gmail!

“I found out I had 12 unautharised Skype accounts under my name! It’s not official. I just gave the performance of my life for our new President… please I beg you, give me a break!

“Please! Let me be great! Who have I hurt so bad that they want to destroy me? Who have I ever spoke about so negatively?

“I was just speaking to our new President two days ago. Never take a picture from my Obama performance and put it next to a quote like that [on a false blog]! That’s in poor taste! Look how fresh my suit is… ’nuff said.”


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