Kanye West ‘leaks’ new Peter, Bjorn And John track

Rapper-producer hosts 'world premiere' on his blog

Kanye West has leaked the new Peter, Bjorn and John track on his blog at Kanyeuniversity.com after they sent it to him to listen to.

West, who has sampled the Swedish band before, played a track from the group’s new album, ‘Living Thing’, which is out on March 31.

Boasting his “world exclusive” the rapper-producer admitted he did not even know the song’s official title, writing “I’m gonna assume it’s called, ‘Nothing To Worry About’“.


He added: “Shit is dope! Drums are crazy and I like the kids on the hook.”

West previously played with the group in 2007 at the Way Out West Festival in Sweden, where he joined them onstage to perform their massive hit ‘Young Folks’.