Literacy centre named for Kanye West’s mother

Sierra Leone community honours Donda West

A library and literacy centre are being named after Kanye West‘s late mother in honour of the contributions she made to the Sierra Leone community.

Construction of the Donda West Library & Literacy Center is set to begin this autumn. A posting made yesterday (May 27) on Kanye‘s blog explains:

“In 2005, Donda West and the Kanye West Foundation donated $5000 to provide textbooks for children in Sierra Leone. Those funds were used to completely rehabilitate a dilapidated, roofless school building for 416 children.

“A new roof, new desks, new books and a new future for children who eagerly attended school faithfully each day, regardless of their dire surroundings and home life. As a result of Ms. West’s generous donation, Shine On Sierra Leone was developed to sustain these initial efforts.

“In 2008, Muddy Lotus Primary was dedicated to the memory of Donda West and her love for education. In honor of this, Shine On Sierra Leone plans to break ground for the ‘Donda West Library & Literacy Center’ this fall.”

The literacy centre will offer free classes to students and parents within the community, addressing the 80 percent illiteracy rate there.

Meanwhile, Kanye West continues his Glow In The Dark tour, stopping at several North American festivals and arenas throughout the summer.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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