Kanye West denies angel likeness in painting

Rapper says artwork is not his face

Kanye West has taken to his blog once again to clear up an issue that has apparently been bothering him for almost a year.

The rapper addressed a Harper’s Bazaar feature from July 2007 in which the magazine visited his home and took photos of West and fiancée Alexis Phifer, their furniture and art.

The magazine then captioned a photo of one painting, saying the angel in the artwork was done in West’s likeness.


He raged about the caption to GQ late last year, saying “That made me so mad. Because who would want to hang out with a guy with an 8-foot picture of an angel of himself?” and yesterday (July 6) once again brought up the issue on his blog.

Harper’s Bazaar came to my home, took pics, asked a lot of questions and then assumed the painting in my dining room was of me as an angel. This isn’t true and it bothered me greatly because people think I’m so so so cocky that I would have something like that. I’m sure it was an inside joke to everyone from the magazine in my home that day. People would come over my house after that and say, ” I heard about this pic of you as an angel!”

He continued:

“I’m just a regular guy with cool stuff in his crib but instead I was made out to be Ben Stiller‘s character in the movie ‘Dodgeball’ with the huge pic of him wrestling a bull in his office. Why didn’t they write that my house had no pics of me, no plaques or awards, just art.”

As previously reported, West is collaborating with Louis Vuitton on a line of men’s trainers and is bringing out a women’s wear collection later this year.

–By our New York staff.


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