Bonnaroo fans anger as Kanye West is late

Crowd chant 'Kanye sucks' and graffiti toilets

Fans at Bonnaroo yesterday (June 15) were so angry at Kanye West for his delayed performance that they scrawled their anger in spraypaint on the portaloos at the site, angrily chanted his name and pelted glowsticks at the stage during the two-hour delay.

West was due to perform at 2.45am yesterday morning but did not emerge on stage until 4.25am.

Messages on the screens told the crowd the show would be delayed until 3.15am and then delayed again until 3.30am, reports the Associated Press.

The crowd repeatedly chanted “Kanye sucks!” during the delay, and today a section of portaloos onsite were spraypainted with the words “Fuck Kanye”.

The delay was apparently due to issues setting up the rapper’s ‘glow in the dark’ stage set after a previous delay unloading Pearl Jam‘s stage. The band had also run over their allocated time by an hour.

However, even with the stage set-up apparently completed at 3.30am, West did not appear for almost another hour.

According to reports, the original schedule had him in an 8.15pm slot but he requested a late-night set.

–By our New York staff.

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