Kanye West’s mother’s plastic surgeon speaks

Dr Jan Adams suggests Donda West may have 'overdosed'

Dr Jan Adams – the man who performed plastic surgery on [Kanye West‘s mother, shortly before she died – has spoken about the suspicious surrounding him.

Adams has suggested that Donda West may have died of a vicodin overdose, as he prescribed the drug to her.

The Los Angeles Coroners’ Office had initially judged a verdict of death because of surgery or anaesthesia, but an investigation into the cause of death has been launched.

Adams told the Los Angeles Times: “When she left this office, there was no problem whatsoever.”

He added: “[She] probably [had] a rough night,” referring to the evening after the surgery he performed.

Asked whether he thought West may have taken too many painkillers, Adams replied: “That’s one speculation on my part, yes. I believe I know exactly what happened to her, but I will not comment on it until I see the final report.”

Meanwhile it has emerged that when he performed Donda’s surgery, the Medical Board Of California were seeking to remove Adams‘ license to practice because of multiple alcohol-related arrests. However, he played this down.

Adams also acknowledged there had been were two malpractice judgments against him, but defended his record, explaining: “There have been some malpractice suits, but 99 per cent of them are what we in this business call nuisance suits… there’s nothing going on here that represents malpractice.”

The investigation continues.