$20,000 worth of equipment has been stolen from Kanye West’s studio

Reports say the guilty party could have been an acquaintance of Kanye's

Kanye West‘s studio in Calabasas, California has been robbed of $20,000 (£13,600) of its equipment.

The burglary took place on Monday night (May 23) and was reported to the police the next morning, when it was discovered that the door of Kanye’s studio had been pried open and that many of the rapper’s laptops and desktop computers, worth thousands of dollars, were missing.

All the gear has reportedly already been replaced and no classified details are at risk thanks to “heavy-duty tech security”.


According to TMZ, the police believe the crime was committed by someone Kanye knows, although they don’t have any suspects as yet.


While this was happening, elsewhere Miike Snow hailed Kanye as “the most important artist of our time” and claimed that Kendrick Lamar owes his career to West’s hit ‘Jesus Walks’.

Wyatt told Billboard that West is the inheritor of David Bowie’s willingness to experiment. Wyatt said: “Who’s the most relevant artist now? I think Kanye is the most important artist of our time. I don’t think there’s any argument.”

Wyatt, whose band recently released new album ‘iii’, went on: “Kanye is definitely is the only huge artist that takes massive risks with his music. Other people might make the video for this or that, but he is always leading the way.”

“Even Kendrick Lamar’s career is basically taken from ‘Jesus Walks.’, which sounds like what Kendrick did on his last album. I love Kendrick, he’s awesome, a visionary, but Kanye was kind of there first.”