Miike Snow call Kanye West ‘the most important artist of our time’

Trio claim Kendrick Lamar’s career is based on ‘Jesus Walks’

Miike Snow have hailed Kanye West as “the most important artist of our time” and claimed that Kendrick Lamar owes his career to West’s hit ‘Jesus Walks’.

As well as enjoying their own hits with ‘Genghis Khan’ and ‘Black And Blue’, the trio’s singer Andrew Wyatt has co-written Bruno Mars’ single ‘Grenade’ as well as songs with Beck, Carl Barat and Charli XCX. Under their production alias Bloodshy And Avant, Wyatt’s bandmates Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg have made hits for Britney Spears, David Guetta and Maroon 5.

Wyatt told Billboard that West is the inheritor of David Bowie’s willingness to experiment. Wyatt said: “Who’s the most relevant artist now? I think Kanye is the most important artist of our time. I don’t think there’s any argument.”

NMEEd Miles

Wyatt, whose band recently released new album ‘iii’, went on: “Kanye is definitely is the only huge artist that takes massive risks with his music. Other people might make the video for this or that, but he is always leading the way.”

“Even Kendrick Lamar’s career is basically taken from ‘Jesus Walks.’, which sounds like what Kendrick did on his last album. I love Kendrick, he’s awesome, a visionary, but Kanye was kind of there first.”

Winnberg added that West’s diversification into clothing and trainer ranges were a result of modern culture. He said: “I think it’s a cultural thing too. Looking at it from the perspective of different giants in the past, the modern pop star has to take all the new vanity aspects in account and live in that world. And that kind of takes away some stuff you really admire by the old giants.”

Miike Snow’s first dates in support of ‘iii’ come when they play Beat-Herder, Lovebox and Latitude festivals in July.

Wyatt revealed in January that he has formed a duo, Liv, with Lykke Li. He said that their album was finished but that its release may be delayed after the Swedish singer gave birth to a baby boy in February.