But he’s got James Bond and Jesus to help…

KANYE WEST has suggested that the future of hip-hop rests on his new album ‘LATE REGISTRATION’, which is due out on August 15.

Talking to NME.COM the rapper and producer explained he faced a lot of pressure while recording his second record.

“I think I carry a lot of stuff on my records,” declared the beats man. “Sometimes I feel like I’m carrying the whole of hip hop itself, the state of music too. I’ve just tried to push the envelope.”

However West insists he’s not carrying the burden alone, as his sampling has enable him to ally himself with the world’s greatest talents.

The rapper samples Shirley Bassey’s Bond theme ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ on last single ‘Diamonds From Sierra Leone’ and thinks that it could have the same impact as Jay-Z

’s excerpt from the film ‘Annie’ on ‘Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)’.

“’Diamonds…’ has potential to go because it’s like Jay-Z

’s ‘Annie’ sample. It’s like (previous single) ‘Jesus Walks’, aside from the religious aspect of that song, it’s taking a rapper that you already like and having him associate himself with something bigger than him, an icon. It’s not to compare James Bond with Jesus but both of them are pop icons.”

West added that ’Late Registration’ also features samples from the likes of Curtis Mayfield and Ray Charles.