Kanye West offers olive branch to Kid Cudi amid beef

Cudi recently accused former mentor of not writing his own songs

Kanye West has offered words of possible reconciliation to long-time collaborator Kid Cudi after the pair were involved in a public feud last week.

Cudi left West’s GOOD Music label in 2013, later accusing West of using his vocals on his ‘Yeezus’ album without permission. However the pair reunited to work on Kanye’s ‘The Life Of Pablo’ record, released in February of this year.

In a 10-tweet rant last week, Cudi accused West of not writing his own music while also alleging that he and Drake turned their back on his career.


West initially responded at a live show in Tampa, telling the crowd that he felt “hurt” and “disrespected” by Cudi, adding: “I birthed you. Respect the God.”

Now West has again referenced Cudi at a gig. During his show at Houston’s Toyota Center last night (September 20), Kanye said that he “just wanted to take time out to say Kid Cudi is my brother,” referring to him as “the most influential artist of the past 10 years” and saying, “I hope he’s doing well.” Watch in the video beneath.

Reports recently claimed that Cudi is embroiled in a custody battle and has a protection order granted against him.


Cudi, who joined West’s label to release his 2009 album ‘Man On The Moon: The End Of Day’, said in his initial rant: “I need y’all to know I’ve got so many haters in the industry, and these clowns know I’m about to crush their existence. Everyone thinks they’re so great, talking Top Five and having 30 people write songs for them. The days of fuckery are over.”

He added: “The fake ones won’t be lasting too much longer. They know I don’t give a fuck about the corny shit they do. I keep silent, because I don’t ever want to come off like some angry hater. My tweets apply to who they apply – Ye, Drake, whoever. These n***as don’t give a fuck about me, and they ain’t fucking with me. I’ve been loyal to those who haven’t been loyal to me, and that ends now. From here, I’ll let the music speak. As you were. Peace and love to my supporters and true ones.”