David Crosby continues attack on Kanye West as he labels rapper’s Glastonbury set ‘shitty’

He previously described West as 'dumb as a post'

David Crosby has continued his criticism of rapper Kanye West, dismissing the star’s controversial 2015 Glastonbury Festival performance.

Last year, the former Byrds and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young member labelled West a “poser” and claimed that West “can’t write, sing or play”. He later called Kanye an “egomaniac” who is “dumb as a post”, “helps no one” and “creates nothing”.

Now, speaking to Stereogum, Crosby explained his love for social media, saying: “I like talking to people. I like Facebook and Instagram, too, but I function best on Twitter because I’m a words guy. I like communicating with people. It’s fun for me. I don’t answer questions if they’re too dumb.”

He went on to say: “I get in trouble there, mind you. I get in trouble there saying Kanye West has absolutely no talent and is a complete poseur. I get in trouble there saying Donald Trump is a walking intelligence-free zone. But I have fun.”


Asked about his disdain for West, Crosby replied: “It has a lot to do with him at Glastonbury [which he headlined in 2015], saying he was the greatest living rockstar and taking that Queen song [‘Bohemian Rhapsody’] and singing it so shitty. When Freddie Mercury sang the shit out of it. I frankly think he’s just a poseur. I don’t think he can write, sing, or play. Any of the three.”

Quizzed on if there were any rappers he liked, Crosby named Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda, saying “he’s fine with me”.

In May, Crosby mocked Neil Young for allegedly letting Donald Trump use his music.