Kanye West and Drake reunion was supposed to be “blueprint” for rappers ending feuds

Watch the interview on how "the biggest artists in the world" came together

Kanye West and Drake reuniting on stage last December was supposed to be the “blueprint” for rappers ending feuds.

During an interview on Million Dollaz Worth of Game, Larry Hoover Jr. discussed last year’s Free Larry Hoover event, which was meant to bring awareness to the six-life sentence his father, Larry Hoover Sr. is currently serving.

The event saw Ye extending an olive branch and inviting Drake to reunite on stage after they’d spent years “taking shots” at one another. The performance marked the end to their longstanding feud, which is believed to have been ongoing since at least 2009.


“So he seen that, just talking to ’em, knew that we had a relationship with Kanye and then with Drake through J,” Hoover Jr. said about his father’s thoughts on the rappers feuding. “He seen them guys was at odds and he would hear about other artists and stuff, you know what I mean, killing each other and going to jail over back-and-forth nonsense. So he was just saying, ain’t there something y’all could do to try to bring them together?”

Kanye West, Kenny Burns and Drake
Kanye West, Kenny Burns and Drake in 2015 CREDIT: Prince Williams

Hoover Jr. also discussed both Drake and Kanye’s status as “the biggest artists in the world”. He added, “We put our efforts there and brought ’em together hoping that it would be a blueprint for the other artists to try to follow to look and see, like, if these guys can bring it together and put they differences aside and make money and enjoy life, maybe some other people will follow suit.”

“There are way too many of these guys out here, you know, feeling like they’re living the gangster life when they should be living the millionaire life and they dying and losing everything when they just get to that position,” he said. “They should be enjoying and bringing other people up instead of going to jail and dying and their friends dying. I thought they became entertainers to get out the street. That’s what it’s supposed to have been about.”

Meanwhile, Kendrick Lamar recently wrote in a new song that he was “confused” by West and Drake‘s reunion last year.


Lamar released his long-awaited, 73-minute fifth studio album ‘Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers’ in May. On the track ‘Father Time’ – which features Sampha – he briefly shares his thoughts on West and Drake’s unlikely reconciliation.

Daddy issues kept me competitive, that’s a fact, n***a / I don’t give a fuck what’s the narrative, I am that n***a / When Kanye got back with Drake, I was slightly confused / Guess I’m not as mature as I think, got some healin’ to do,” Lamar raps in the cut.

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