Kanye West to appear on XXXTentacion’s posthumous album ‘Skins’

Kanye will appear on track 'One Minute'

Kanye West will appear on XXXTentacion’s posthumous album ‘Skins’, it was announced today.

Following the release of the album’s track listing today, it was revealed that West will feature on the song ‘One Minute’. The album is due for release later this week (December 7).

The full track listing can be found here:



Earlier this year, West wrote a Tweet about the controversial rapper which has since been deleted. “I never told you how much you inspired me when you were here thank you for existing,” he posted.

The late rapper, who was shot and killed in June at the age of 20, was accused of domestic abuse by his ex-girlfriend last year. He had pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Kanye West
Kanye West – credit: Getty Images

West also said he “regretted” not standing up for the rapper. In an Instagram post in which he defended A$AP Bari from sexual assault claims earlier this year (September 27), West wrote: “Bari challenged me when no one else did and when he got in trouble I was scared to say he was my friend just like I did with xxx and that was some pussy shit on my part.“I let the perception and the robots control me. That’s the true sunken place. […] Jedis never let perception and cancel culture get between them.”


XXXTentacion appeared on Skrillex‘s new single ‘Arms Around You’, alongside Lil Pump, Swae Lee, and more last month. Since his death, his voice has also featured on tracks with Lil Peep and Lil Wayne, while West also said previously that he will appear on his upcoming record, ‘Yandhi’.

A secret recording was obtained last month on which the rapper could be heard confessing to a series of violent crimes, including domestic abuse.