A new Kanye West and Bono collaboration won’t be released after all

The track had been set to feature on frequent Kanye collaborator Swizz Beatz's upcoming new album

A Kanye West and Bono collaboration will stay unreleased after producer Swizz Beatz elected not to include it on his upcoming new album.

Swizz will release ‘Poison’, the follow-up to his 2007 debut album ‘One Man Band Man’, later this summer, via Epic. The record will feature guest appearances from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Giggs and Pusha-T, and is set to comprise of just 10 tracks – which the producer has whittled down from over 70 recordings.

Speaking about the LP, Swizz told Pitchfork that an unreleased song which featured both West and Bono has not made the cut on ‘Poison’.


“I took all the hits off my record – [‘hits’] meaning anything that felt too big that the rest of the record wouldn’t live [with],” Swizz said, adding that he also scrapped another track which featured Bruno Mars.

Swizz Beatz

“It’s just not that record,” he continued. “It might be on my next record, but this particular record I wanted to occupy the ground floor, which I came from, polish that, and then let people come with me to the middle of the building or the penthouse or the roof, and then just start everything over again.”

While ‘Poison’ will carry a hip-hop theme, Swizz said that he has four more albums which are ready for release: an R&B album, an “energy” album, an “acoustics” album and a “global” album.

West’s recent recording sessions in Wyoming, meanwhile, yielded five new albums – here’s NME‘s take on the best songs which featured across those records.