Kanye West cancels upcoming ‘Saint Pablo’ UK and European tour

Bad news, Kanye fans - Yeezy isn't coming

Kanye West has reportedly cancelled plans for his upcoming ‘Saint Pablo’ 2017 UK and European tour.

It was believed that West would be announcing details of the 2017 leg of the tour to hit the UK and the continent towards the tail end of 2016, but now sources suggest that all plans have been pulled.

The rapper cancelled the remainder of his US dated when he was hospitalised for ‘psychosis and exhaustion’ following a breakdown and string of on-stage rants. Now, TMZ reports that plans for the tour to hit the UK, Paris, Germany and beyond in 2017 have been scrapped and now won’t be announced.


They claim that Kanye’s people contacted promoter Live Nation to inform them that the shows would not be going ahead, but that ‘no real problems’ were caused as no details had emerged and no tickets were sold.

NME has contacted Kanye West’s representatives for comment.

Kanye West

This week, West came under fire from the guitarist of Testament who slammed him for wearing one of the band’s t-shirts, meeting with Donald Trump and his association with the Kardashians and reality TV.

Alex Skolnick said: “It’s not the music/artist part of the equation I have a problem with – it is the Reality TV, publicity junkie part. Kanye may consider himself an artist, which I can accept (although an artist on the level of those he compares himself to? Pablo Picasso? Sorry, not feeling it).

“Artistry aside, the Kardashian clan (of which he’s a part of by marriage) are not doing art – it is the lowest form of cheap entertainment, turning people into brainless nincompoops and slowly destroying the country, a place that’s descended to the point of the majority now embracing anti-intellectualism, denying facts, disbelieving science, believing fake news, avoiding rationality, shunning critical thinking and no longer recognizing the difference between reality and reality TV (case in point: electing a Reality TV star as President, someone Kanye is now cozying up to). I find these offences so unforgivable that I cannot find enjoyment in a major celebrity and artist I’d otherwise respect (musically, at least) wearing our shirt, much as I’d like to.”

Last week, West caused controversy when he met with Donald Trump – which he later explained when he said: “I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change.”