Kanye West disputes claims Republicans are paying him to help Trump’s re-election

Speculation has suggested the rapper is running for US President to help take votes away from Joe Biden

Kanye West has responded to claims the Republicans are paying him to run for President to help Trump get re-elected.

The rapper launched his bid to be the next leader of the United States on July 4 and held his first presidential rally in South Carolina later that month.

However, West has faced many obstacles along his campaign, including filing paperwork too late to be included on the ballot in many states and being removed from the ballot in others over fraudulent signatures.


Since he announced his intention to run for President earlier this year, there has been speculation that the star was doing so in order to help Trump get re-elected by taking votes away from Joe Biden. An investigation by New York Magazine also found that at least two people linked to his campaign were members of the GOP.

Speaking in a teaser for an upcoming interview with Nick Cannon, West addressed those rumours. “People keep saying, ‘I think you and Republicans are in cahoots’,” he said. “Bro, can’t nobody pay me. I got more money than Trump.”

He added: “I’m not running for President – I’m walking.” Watch the teaser above now.

West has been accused of deceiving voters for signatures in order to qualify to be included on the ballot in Virginia. Two signed affidavits were submitted to the State Board of Elections by voters who claim they were deceived into signing up to serve as electors for West to get on the Virginia ballot. Another woman separately alleged that someone tried to get a vote for West from her under false pretences.


The star is also reportedly suing the Ohio election chief in an effort to secure his place on the ballot in that state.

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