Kanye West donates additional huge sum to Chicago mayoral candidate

Maybe he isn't distancing himself from politics after all...

Kanye West has made a further donation to the campaign of a Chicago mayoral candidate who is also backed by Chance The Rapper.

NBC Chicago reports that Amara Enyia’s campaign received a $126,460 contribution from the artist – a considerable increase from his apparent $73,540 donation made last Tuesday (October 23).

Kanye west Chicago mayor donation

Chance the Rapper endorsed the candidate last week

The news comes just days after the rapper announced that he was turning his focus away from politics. “I am distancing myself from politics and focusing on being creative,” he tweeted, claiming he’d been “used” and disavowed any association with BLEXIT, the right wing African-American organisation founded by Candace Owens.

West joined Chance The Rapper at a campaign event for Enyia on the same day that his first donation was reported.

‘Ye’, as he seemingly now likes to be called, created a media storm in recent weeks over his continued support for President Donald Trump.

In one such incident, West met with Trump at the White House and delivered a 10-minute soliloquy in front of cameras on topics ranging from abolishing the 13th amendment to an ‘Apple iPlane’ pitch.

Elsewhere, Ye embarked on a Twitter following spree earlier this week in which he added former Green Party leader Caroline Lucas, US senator Bernie Sanders, and gun-control activist Emma González.