Kanye West ends up in hospital due to “too much texting”

He's since hailed the powers of modern medicine

Kanye West has said he was hospitalised earlier this week as a result of “too much texting”.

The ‘Jesus Is King’ rapper took to his official Twitter account yesterday (September 9) to share an X-ray image of his right hand.

“Too much texting bro,” he captioned the photo, adding that he “had to get the cortisone mixed with a wittle sprinkle of lidocaine” to treat his condition.


West also shared a video of himself being injected with Lidocaine, which he said “worked instantly”. “The dexamethasone takes 24 to 48 hours. Modern medicine,” he added.

You can see those posts below.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that West has self-funded nearly £5million for his US presidential bid so far. It’s said a significant amount of the money spent on his campaign has gone to consulting firms who work to get West’s name on the ballot in states.

He’s suffered a number of setbacks since entering the White House race on July 4, and was removed from the ballot in Virginia last month after a judge said that 11 of his 13 electors in the state “were obtained by improper, fraudulent and/or misleading means”.


In other news, West’s Sunday Service choir appeared to ‘walk’ on water during their performance in Fayetteville, Georgia last weekend (September 6). The series resumed with social distancing measures in place last month, having been put on hold due to the coronavirus crisis.

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