Kanye West opens up on Donald Trump support in new interview with T.I.

"When I wear that hat, it's like a fight for equality"

Kanye West has opened up on his support for Donald Trump, admitting that he’s not on board with every one of the President’s actions.

The rapper, who has divided fans with his continued support of Trump, opened up in a new interview with T.I during the recording sessions for new single ‘Ye Vs The People’.

“Half the shit that Trump does, I don’t agree with”, he is heard to say in the clip.


When pushed to clarify what he does agree with, Kanye praises Trump’s ability to “do the impossible”.

In the interview, Kanye also opens up on his decision to wear one of Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ caps – describing it as a fight for equality.

“When I wear that hat, it’s like a fight for equality”, Kanye claimed.

“It’s like ‘oh, I can wear this hat too’.

Meanwhile, the surgeon who performed a procedure on Kanye’s mother before her death recently responded to the rapper’s plan to feature his photo on the face of the record.


In an open letter to the star, Dr Jan Adams wrote: “I ask that you cease and desist using my photo or any image of me to promote your album or any of your work.

“I don’t want to seem ungrateful, I just think that if in fact this conversion to love is genuine on your part… then it’s inappropriate to drag the negativity of the past with it.”