Kanye West finally releases ‘DONDA’ on streaming – listen now

It's really here!

Kanye West has released his long-awaited and repeatedly delayed 10th album ‘DONDA‘ on streaming services.

The album is currently available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Posted on Instagram today (August 29), Kanye’s manager Bu Thiam broke the news short notice that the record would arrive at 8am EST (1pm GMT). After numerous release dates have come and passed without the album appearing over the last few months, ‘DONDA’ was finally released via streaming services at the time Thiam indicated.


Second track ‘Jail’ does indeed feature Jay-Z rather than DaBaby, after Ye earlier assert that he would not remove DaBaby from the track in order to release the album. ‘Jail pt 2’ shows on the tracklisting but is not available to listen on Spotify.

Listen to ‘DONDA’ via Spotify, and check out the full 27-song tracklist below. Listen on Apple Music here.

‘DONDA’ tracklist

01. ‘Donda Chant’
02. ‘Jail’
03. ‘God Breathed’
04. ‘Off The Grid’
05. ‘Hurricane’
06. ‘Praise God’
07. ‘Jonah’
08. ‘Ok Ok’
09. ‘Junya’
10. ‘Believe What I Say’
11. ’24’
12. ‘Remote Control’
13. ‘Moon’
14. ‘Heaven And Hell’
15. ‘Donda’
16. ‘Keep My Spirit Alive’
17. ‘Jesus Lord’
18. ‘New Again’
19. ‘Tell The Vision’
20. ‘Lord I Need You’
21. ‘Pure Souls’
22. ‘Come To Life’
23. ‘No Child Left Behind’
24. ‘Jail pt 2’
25. ‘Ok Ok pt 2’
26. ‘Junya pt 2’
27. ‘Jesus Lord pt 2’

Named after West’s late mother, who died in November 2007, a release date of July 24, 2020 was originally set for ‘DONDA’.


Reviewing ‘DONDA’, NME’s Rhian Daly concluded: “While ‘DONDA’ certainly isn’t a rushed job, it could have benefitted from West spending a little less time on it and learning when to let things go. Nobody needs all 27 of these tracks, but dig deep into its contents and you’ll find enough gems to make his 10th album worth your time.”

Since then the campaign has seen various dramatic twists and turns, including three listening parties, Ye moving into sports stadiums to finish up the album, complementary vaccinations, guest appearances from Marilyn Manson and DaBaby, and his childhood home being vandalised following a feud with Drake.

‘DONDA’ is Kanye’s first full-length album since releasing ‘Jesus Is King’ in 2019.

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