Kanye West has sampled Lauryn Hill on ‘DONDA’ and fans are loving it

'Believe What I Say' has been called "the Mona Lisa of the album"

Kanye West has released his long-awaited and repeatedly delayed 10th album ‘DONDA’ on streaming services, and fans have been quick to share their views on social media.

Despite question marks over the potential involvement of Marilyn Manson and DaBaby, one of the main talking points has been Ye’s sample of Hill’s ‘Doo Wop (That Thing)’ on ‘Believe What I Say’.

West originally sampled Hill on 2004’s ‘All Falls Down’ from ‘The College Dropout’, then repurposing her song ‘Mystery Of Iniquity’.


One fan called ‘Believe What I Say’ “the Mona Lisa of the album” and a “summer banger,” while another said the sample “did wonders”.

See some of the best memes and reactions below.


Fans have also been reacting to the album’s long awaited arrival, as well as its running time, which comes in at a lengthy 1 hour 48 minutes in total.

Most have reacted joyfully with news that second track ‘Jail’ does indeed feature a guest verse from Jay-Z after earlier reports that it wouldn’t remain on the album.

Other early reaction has seen fans reacting to Kid Cudi’s guest appearance and the fact the album seemingly contains no swearing.

Reviewing ‘DONDA’, NME’s Rhian Daly concluded: “While ‘DONDA’ certainly isn’t a rushed job, it could have benefitted from West spending a little less time on it and learning when to let things go. Nobody needs all 27 of these tracks, but dig deep into its contents and you’ll find enough gems to make his 10th album worth your time.”