Kanye West invites homeless rapper into studio after being approached on the street

Nino Blu had been sleeping outside New York's Electric Lady studio when he performed for the star

Kanye West invited a homeless rapper into a recording studio after being approached by the man on the street.

Jorge Flores, who goes by the stage name Nino Blu, said he had been sleeping outside Electric Lady studios in New York on Saturday (September 29) when he gave an impromptu performance for the star.

In a video posted to West’s Instagram account, Flores said: “My birthday was the other day and I just became homeless cos the guy I was living with is a little crazy and I’m out here on the street. Kanye’s bringing me into the studio right now. He let me rap to him. He said I have good energy and he’s gonna show me some beats and stuff.”



He continued: “I feel extremely blessed. I feel very happy. I feel God is looking out for me right now. I don’t really have any words to describe what’s going on. It just feels like a crazy-ass miracle and I just want everyone back there to know that if you have a dream or if you have anything that you feel like you’re pursuing keep going til the very end cos you don’t know what potentially could happen. The universe works in very mysterious ways and I feel extremely blessed for Kanye West to help me out with this.”

West appeared at the end of the video to say two words: “All love.” Watch it above now.

Flores told the New York Post the rapper had given him life advice as well as listened to his rapping. He said he spent 40-minutes with West, who gave him a strawberry and kiwi smoothie and some “very exotic tasting soup”.

“He said that we’re like the guardians of the galaxy because we’re protecting the world through music,” Flores said. “He told me that I rap well, that I’m good, that he likes my energy and he likes how I think.”


He added: “Kanye is my idol. God, the universe, and Kanye just gave me the best gift ever.”

Meanwhile, West finished his SNL appearance last night (September 29) with a pro-Trump rant that was cut from the broadcast. The speech, which was captured on Chris Rock’s Instagram Story, saw West say: If I was concerned about racism I would have moved out of America a long time ago.”

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